Leading Questions

In the most recent edition of his email newsletter, Art Kleiner, an early contributor to Fast Company, Kleiner poses an interesting topic for discussion:

Every year, in the “future of the infrastructure” class that I teach, with graduate-level students at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, we begin by articulating a collective “class question.” Then we spend the rest of the semester trying to answer that question.

Most years, the question goes something like this: “How can I make a good living, without being too rigidly controlled by corporate employers, and do good creative work, while still helping to make a better world?”

This year, the class question was, simply: “Where are we going to live?”

In a future as turbulent and uncertain as our own, with the new global virtual environment known as the Internet in flux, and the “brick and mortar” world equally in flux, what in the world of 2015 will we call home? And, not coincidentally, how do we start building that home now?

And literally, where will we want to build that home? The US? China? Europe? The Middle East? South Asia? Latin America? Elsewhere?

Interesting stuff. How do you see your personal and professional homes evolving?