New Flight Plan

Whenever I get stuck with a lousy seat on a flight, I always wonder what I could have done differently to avoid it. Or why the airline didn’t tell me my seat doesn’t recline. Next time I’m doing my homework first, at

Here’s a site after every road warrior’s heart. It shows detailed diagrams of the planes used by various airlines (pretty much everyone but Southwest). Seats are color-coded: green for extra legroom; yellow for drawbacks (near the engine and loud); red for avoid at all costs (intolerably loud or doesn’t recline). If you’re on American’s MD-80, you can find out where the power ports are located. And if you’re on JetBlue’s Airbus A320, you’re reminded that rows 13 through 25 have two more inches of legroom. Seatguru sizes up seat pitch (the distance between seats), width, and the storage situation (overhead and under foot).

Now if only it could tell you if your neighbor is an armrest hog.