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April Fool's Day Gags II

How many people logged into their Gmail accounts this morning and believed what they saw? I'll be the first to say I didn't blink an eye when the site told me I would get "Infinity +1" storage. Google has pleasantly surprised me so many times before—I can get 1GB of email storage for free? I can find out what that guy I dated in 10th grade is doing in less than a second?—that I'd probably believe it if they told me I could use Google to find a taxi in the city real-time. (Wait a minute! I can!)

I tend to be a skeptic—everything's too good to be true—but Google had me until the end. If that's not a sure sign of brand loyalty (or a brand cult) I don't know what is. The best part? They took an unexpected little gag—one that endeared me to the brand even further—and actually surprised me yet again. Their April Fool's joke turned out to be an introduction to a host of new features, which include doubling my email storage.