A Union of Opinion

I suppose I was tempting fate, discussing unions here. That musing got a flood of comments. It deserves a look: some call unions corrupt, and others call them godsends. Name calling began, partisan politics entered the equation, and I watched over in shock. Even when I posted a follow-up comment, ‘I am not so naive to think that unions can’t abuse their power. And I am not so jaded to think unions are only power-hungry committees who want to control the world’ the fur continued flying unabatedly.

This shows me two things: our FC Now readers have opinions and have no qualms letting it be known (which is a good thing). And that there needs to be a real discussion about unions in business ethics. Some comments applauded Wal-Mart for saving money and passing those savings on to their customers. Others lambasted the retailer for abusing their employees. Clearly, this is an unresolved issue.

Everyone agrees that transparency is a good thing, or running a green business, but the ethics of unions and employee rights is mired with confusion and rhetoric. How can we approach this issue and start a real dialogue? Any suggestions?