Scandalous Change

There is an interesting story running on CNN/Money this week. The numbers of self-employed people — no surprise, given layoffs and such — are on the rise. It is thought that this might be due to the variety of corporate scandals from the last few years.

I agree that in some circles, there is a perception that “going corporate” may be a bad thing, especiallly when some view corporations as a potential labyrinth of ethical dilemmas. Some believe you can’t help but fall to the dark side. While this opinion is clearly an exaggeration, I wonder if such a view is inherently bad. From these scandals we may get a generation of entrepreneurs who head out on their own to make their fortune and maybe change the world. Or maybe such influenced newcomers will enter the corporate field with the goal of changing it from the inside out, bringing more integrity and ethical standards.

Either way, this report is a good sign that people are being affected by the many corporate scandals. That can’t be a bad thing. What do you believe, FC readers?