Amazon: Priming the Pump?

I got a package from last night. There’s nothing remarkable about that, per se. But I did do a Barney Rubble double take when I saw it, because in my confirmation email, Amazon had said I’d be lucky if it arrived by March 17.

Truth be told, I’ve gotten used to Amazon’s underpromise, overdeliver act. It likes to scare you into premium shipping options to get your order faster until you realize that you’re basically going to get whatever you bought very quickly no matter which shipping option you choose. Once you’re hip to it, you realize that this boy is crying wolf yet again and you ignore it and pick the cheap shipping.

So with the new, relentlessly promoted Amazon Prime, where you give Amazon $79 a year and it guarantees 2-day shipping for 1 million in-stock items, I have to wonder if Amazon will now drop the overdelivery act for non-members, particularly those who choose super-saver shipping. Otherwise, what would be the point of Prime? What’s my incentive to pick Prime when I’m basically getting the value from Prime, for free, now? Keep your eye on your packages, folks, and then we’ll have our answer.