Crushed by Innovation

Chuck’s entry made me smile — I love stuff like that. It also reminded me of a recent article in the Daily News. Write Jose Martinez considers the occasional inanity of warning labels on products.

For the last eight years, the Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch has tipped hat to Wacky Warning Labels. Here are some of the highlights mentioned in Martinez’s piece:

  • “This product moves when used.” — a children’s scooter
  • “Not for human consumption.” — Hartz Meaty Knuckle Bones, as well as black rubber fishing worms
  • “Not intended for use as a dental drill.” — a drill
  • “Do not use for personal hygiene.” — Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush flushable toilet brush
  • “Step into underwear and pull them on just like regular underwear.” — Depend adult diapers
  • “Do not use for baby wipe.” — Furniture Wipes
  • “This is not a toy.” — potty training toilet