Comic Commercialism

Dan Seidman’s Sales Autopsy is a postmortem of “sales that died.” Collecting more than 500 narratives about sales blunders, bloopers, and blowups, the site is a funny look at the dark side of sales.

Seidman uses each vignette as an intro to an analysis of what happened, why — and what would have worked better. Some of the fun isn’t as functional — such as the Revenge of the Reps video game — but most is.

Take the print version of Sales Comics as an example. Drawn by Christo Komarnitski (not the Gates‘ Christo!), each page pairs a humorous anecdote about sales gone wrong — with a quick learning item at the end.

While Seidman uses the comic book as a marketing tool — he’s a speaker and coach — it’s worth a read in its own right. What horror stories do you have to share?