Casual, Too Casual

Perhaps inspired by Chuck’s comment on adult toys, I remembered a funny item in the Jan. 24 edition of the Weekly World News (this week’s cover story isn’t entirely worksafe, so be forewarned — and hey, we can’t read business books and strategy journals all the time).

Reportedly, “more and more business offices across America have dumped Casual Friday in favor of Naked Friday.” A Phoenix-based work efficiency expert named Arnold Lummer says that productivity doubles on Naked Fridays. The practice has been embraced by the law firm Derkowanker, Derkowanker, and Derkowanker; and Garden Weasel World.

Yeah, right.

In another item, also in that edition, the WWN reports that a payroll service company in Australia — ConsultPay Inc. — has hired a paintball gunman to take pot shots at employees who “prairie-dog” — or lift their heads above their cubicle walls.

Good to know the world of work rates mention in the… Weekly World News.