Carbonless Copy Paper Comment

Last week I wrote a blog entry discussing Qwest’s decision to give a counter-offer for MCI, a last-ditch effort to prevent Verizon from expanding further.

Over the weekend an interesting comment was posted, which I’ve been following up on. This comment wasn’t much more than the posting of a URL. What followed after that particular mouse-click was an interesting discovery.

Verizon, and other companies, have been sued for using Appleton’s Carbonless Copy Paper. It seems the CCP was making employees sick, even mortally so, and they refused to pay any health bills. It’s funny how there wasn’t much media coverage of this. From the little research I gathered, it seems none of the ailing plaintiffs ever won their suits.

This leads me to thinking about the legal reforms that the White House are fighting for. Businesses are being allowed to get away with more. A “fast company” is an ethical one, a business that succeeds because of its vision and innovation, without sacrificing public health or safety.

People should remember that the corporate world is part of a larger one. I am glad that a comment posted to one of my blog entries reminded me of that.KO