Sales Spiral

At home this week, I got an invitation to one of Dale Carnegie‘s sales training courses. Tucked inside the invitation was a business card-sized primer to his Selling Success Spiral and questioning model. The little card is useful enough on its own.

Selling Success Spiral

  • New opportunity
  • Pre-approach
  • First communication
  • First interview
  • Opportunity analysis
  • Solution development
  • Soultion presentation
  • Customer evaluation
  • Negotiation
  • Buy commitment
  • Follow-up
  • Satisfied customers

The questioning model also offers tools you can use:

As-is questions help determine the current situation of a potential customer
Should be questions create an image of a possible buyer’s optimal performance
Barrier questions address issues that may be keeping them from achieving their optimal performance
Payout questions help identify how a company or team will benefit from the services you offer

How does this map with your experience of the sales process and cycle?