Job Hunting, eBay-Style

Move over, Monster. After a team of in-house creatives were displaced in the PeopleSoft/Oracle merger, the group turned to eBay to try and find work. Not as individual job seekers, however, but as a team. According to this post on AdFreak, AdWeek’s blog, the team wanted to continue working together, and so they decided to auction themselves off.

“Take advantage of recent merger and acquisition activity in the technology sector, reads their post (eBay Item Number 3868319541.) “Their loss, your gain. An award-winning, clear-thinking, bottom-line-focused creative services organization is now immediately available to rock your bottom line. We are a creative team that’s ready to plug and play. Today.”

Is anyone taking them seriously? So far, not really. After more than five days up for auction, 17 bidders have driven the price up to, um, $41. (That’s for access to their “contact information, resumes, portfolios”; negotiating hiring and salaries is done separately). Not so successful, maybe, but it’s an interesting, if painful, way to find out what you’re worth.