The Sound of Mus-Ick

Late last year, Sales & Marketing resource center contributor Karen Post explored the idea of how brands sound. In the September 2004 issue of Harper’s — in the Readings section — the editors excerpted the casting specs for a KFC TV commercial’s voiceover. Here’s the short form:

  • The voice should be confident. This is a confident, progressively thinking brand.
  • The voice should be fun. Chicken, relatively speaking, is a fun food to eat.
  • The voice should be inclusive. It should sound like someone anybody would want to hang out and eat some chicken with.
  • The voice should be young and male. The brand personality is male.

Parts of this made me smile — and almost snicker (Hey, let’s hang out and eat some chicken!) — and parts also piqued my interest. Is your brand male or female? Given voice, how does your work sound? Who’d do the voiceover for your perfect advert?