MBAs Rate the Recruiters

Some B-school rankings ask corporate recruiters to rate the top MBA programs. But the MBAs at Stanford Business School decided to turn the tables on that idea by recognizing the top recruiters.

The winners: PepsiCo, Boston Consulting Group, and Eli Lilly. Each company won a “Recruiter Excellence Award” from Stanford’s Career Management Center this year. Pepsi won praise for “clear communication and for quickly telling students if they had been selected for further interviews.” It helped that CEO Steve Reinemund came to campus to give a speech and lunched with students.

BCG also was recognized for good communication. Its recruiters “provided feedback throughout the process and made each interaction pleasant,” students said. The consulting firm also was praised for its outreach to minority students.

Eli Lilly, meantime, sends its best speakers to Stanford, holds informational sessions on the company, and sponsors conferences at the school. “Lilly,” the students said, “also is appreciated for its friendly, accommodating, and highly available staff.”