Fun With Spam

OK, truth is there’s almost nothing fun about spam. But lately, my inbox has been filling up with messages from an odd cast of characters. The fictitious senders’ names, generated by a computer program, combine real words to produce hilarious monikers worthy of English Restoration comedy. I believe that Nightlife C. Wigwags is the one I’d most like to meet.

Other examples:

  • Scriptural C. Gouty
  • Tabitha U. Swellheads
  • Washrooms H Rehabbing
  • Tinsmiths A Mered
  • Prawn D. Dialed
  • Compulsorily S. Commander
  • Serengeti R. Hoariest
  • Douala R. Tumulting
  • Duelling Q. Adored
  • Gypsies I. Inflame
  • Procurers G. Codifies
  • Totting P. Isosceles
  • Reclassify J. Cheer
  • Billings M. Clapboarding
  • Stereos O. Slowly
  • Stumbles B. Sawyer
  • Portage H. Multidimension
  • Mongered Q. Sideboard
  • Righteously P. Hereabout
  • Transpiration A. Shaming
  • Rime A. Censer
  • Riesling L. Commonest
  • Reforests C. Rephrases
  • Foisted S. Harpsichord
  • Tauruses J. Rarities
  • Forwardness T. Megabyte
  • Nightlife C. Wigwags
  • Goriness Q. Adjournment
  • Ungovernable C. Retches
  • Men Q. Sidling
  • Lettuce M. Folio
  • Bitchier M. Piedmont
  • Convivial D. Tea
  • Contrition B. Pincers
  • Literates B. Surpluses
  • Planter C. Potent
  • Aggressive A. Daughters
  • Guppy G. Unsatisfying
  • Oddness M. Sedater
  • Surfeits H. Pickerel
  • Prerequisite T. Piercingly
  • Oaring Q. Agglomerates
  • Carbuncle R. Unbolts
  • Noticeable M. Grippe