New Year’s Revolution

On Jan. 1, Vincent Wright sent his Linked In contacts an email outlining what he dubbed his Perfect 10 business resolutions:

  • Planning A planned year is better than an unplanned one.
  • Elation Elation is the height of relationships. My “Elationships” start and are maintained as close to 10 as possible.
  • Results Results matter. I resolve to work as intelligently and as resourcefully as I can to get the best results I’m capable of producing for you.
  • Faith Faith in one another helps you and me to cover more ground more effectively and with less stress.
  • Effort People who don’t believe in effort, don’t get results.
  • Concentration Without concentration, effort is wasted. Wasted effort is wasted energy. Concentration literally means to stay “within the circle.”
  • Talk Positive or negative, I resolve to talk with you, asking for your help if needed, and keeping you informed about significant obstacles as well as noteworthy progress.
  • Truth What good would all of the above and any of the below do if our work is not grounded in truth? Truth takes strength.
  • Efficiency Waste is guaranteed to happen when efficiency is out of style. Efficiency must be looked at as part of a whole system. Sometimes though, efficiency must be subordinated to getting things done at the right time.
  • Networking Networking is about nurturance. If your network and your networking arent nurturing you, what good are they?

Have you made any work-related new year’s resolutions? What are they?