Season’s Greediness

I gotta admit: I’m with Keith. If you don’t know someone and haven’t had previous contact with someone, it’s somewhat odd to send them a holiday card. So far this year, I’ve received three. One came from a reader in Philadelphia, one came from a writer I’ve traded emails with, and one came from a communications firm I don’t remember working with. But, to be true, the best one — a fourth — came to me all the way from Denmark, emailed this morning by an FC Now reader who works for Publicis in Copenhagen. This is one holiday greeting from a stranger I’m thrilled to get.

The entire Publicis Copenhagen team participated to make an interactive online card in which they sing “Jingle Bells.” You can listen to the entire company, the creatives, account managers, planners, and producers sing as smaller teams. And you can pinpoint which employee you want to hear in particular. (I’m quite fond of Lars and Anouska.)

Not only is it just plain fun — and funny — it shares a little example of what the Danish media services firm can do for its clients creatively. What do you do for your clients and partners? Does your holiday outreach bring you closer together with colleagues — make you proud of where you work?

[Thanks, Carsten!]