The Silly Season

The Silly Holiday Card season has commenced. Over the next three weeks, I will receive dozens (or hundreds? I’ve never kept count) of cards with kind greetings from consultants, ad firms, and PR folks (mostly the last)–most of whom I do not know.

I will not decorate the walls of my sumptuous cube with these cards. I won’t tape them to the exterior divider for my colleagues to admire. I won’t even note who sent them and remember them fondly.

I will toss them all. Not because I am anti-holiday, but because these cards are extraneous. They waste my time and your money and create no goodwill. Humbug. Please, if you don’t know me–or if you’ve just pitched me once on the phone and think I might remember, cease and desist. Clear out your cobwebbed mailing list. Stop the insanity.

How about this: For every holiday card you do not send me, I will personally donate the relevant cost to a charity of my choice. (There are firms that sort of do this anyway, though they still send a card to let me know they’re making a donation in my name, which I don’t really get.)

I think I am completely serious about this.