Setting the Record Straight on TiVo

Thanks to all those who so passionately responded to Thursday’s blog on TiVo and the company’s evolving approach to advertising. I spoke with a member of TiVo’s outside PR this afternoon – here’s what we discussed:

  • TiVo will be serving up advertisements.
  • The advertisements will appear on recorded programs when you fast forward through commercials.
  • Advertisements will take the form of “small tags.”
  • These tags will appear for about four seconds, or however long it takes to fast forward the commercial.
  • Users will be able to click the ad to learn more about the product or service.
  • Once they’ve clicked through, users can opt in and pass on their contact info.

This information represents two clarifications to the original blog entry:

  • Rather than banner ads, as I mentioned before, “small tags” will appear. Granted, not a big difference here, but worth noting.
  • The opt in process requires an additional step of confirmation.

With any luck, I’ll follow up with another blog entry once I’ve spoken to TiVo headquarters next week. Got any questions for the folks at TiVo? Post them here and I’ll be happy to pass them on… Meanwhile, follow the links for more on the public reaction to the news.