Search Engines of Desire

In the November issue, Fast Company took a look at people and teams working to unseat Google as the alpha dog of Web search. Today, Microsoft is launching its new search service.


Will Microsoft be able to oust Google from its lead position? The early numbers don’t bode well. Let’s compare some searches:

Bill Gates
MSN: 802,000
Google: 3.8M
Yahoo!: 3.9M

Britney Spears
MSN: 1.8M
Google: 7.5M
Yahoo!: 8.5M

MSN: 17.5M
Google: 162M
Yahoo!: 84M

Interesting that even “Bill Gates” falls so short in MSN’s search count, much less Linux. But the question might be this: While quantity of search count is impressive and a leading indicator of a search engine’s quality, does MSN’s results quality overcome the low counts? When will we have a search engine that returns, say, 10 results… and they’re the perfect 10?