Sick Daze

With the flu vaccine shortage and more companies moving to paid time off plans, it’ll be interesting to see how the coming winter affects the health of our colleagues — and offices.

While not as virulent as, say, a grade school, sick co-workers breed more sick co-workers, and as much as we might be tempted to tough it out in order to make deadlines and good on our commitments, sometimes the best thing to do is call in sick. In fact, Newsday reports that some leaders have taken to insisting that people go — or stay — home in order to stem the tide of communicable ailments.

It’s a good stand to take — and one that requires backing up. We cannot tell people to stay home if sick — and then not cover their backs on projects and deadlines, continuing to hold them accountable. Our systems and processes need to absorb the workload and responsibilities in order to give those who need time to heal the time they need.