Being Fast in a Fast Space

I had an interesting meeting today with Harry Simpson, the head of marketing at a startup out of suburban Denver called Roving Planet. Roving Planet makes software to secure and manage wireless networks. The three-year old company started selling its products last summer and already has 75 enterprise clients and is in full hypergrowth mode. “We need to be fast in a fast space,” Simpson said. “With wired networking, it took customers 15 years to figure out what they wanted and needed. With wireless, it’s going to happen in four.”

With that in mind, Simpson told me the story of how the company closed a couple of its marquee deals that it’s done this year, one with the Philadelphia public school system, the other with Notre Dame University. During the sales process, both indicated that they wanted some additonal functionality in the product before purchasing. Roving Planet’s engineering team turned out prototypes of what they were looking for, the customers realized how responsive Roving Planet would be to their needs, and that helped close the deal.

Roving Planet could do this using what’s known as “agile development,” turning out a batch of code every two weeks. This process and this attitude has better served its customers and has let Roving Planet triple the size of its deals this year and differentiate it from its competition, which had been in the market before it.

Roving Planet has responded to its fast-growing WiFi market by upping its metabolism. What are you doing to get faster? DL