Innovation Adoration

Harold Evans’ new book They Made America is getting good pickup in recent weeks. U.S. News & World Report excerpts the book’s examination of Thomas Edison, and Sunday paper mainstay Parade trots out Evans’ top 10 list of the most important innovators.

  • Sarah Breedlove Walker Women’s independence
  • Gary Kildall Computer operating systems
  • Herbert Boyer Biotech pharmaceuticals
  • Edwin L. Drake Oil
  • Amadeo Peter Giannini Popular banking
  • Leo Hendrik Baekeland Plastics
  • Edwin Howard Armstrong High-quality sound
  • Henry Ford The people’s car
  • Wilbur and Orville Wright The airplane
  • Thomas Edison Electric power

In the November issue of Fast Company, our Fast Forward list looks at the 100 most important innovations for 2005. What did we miss? You tell us.