Reality TV’s Newest Sensation: Life Coaches

Staying up late to watch the end of the Red Sox-Yankees match-up last night I was bombarded in the wee hours by Fox ads touting their latest reality shows: My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss and Richard Branson‘s, The Rebel Billionaire. This, on top of The Apprentice and Mark Cuban‘s, ahem, show, even the BBC’s mockumentary The Office, made me think that reality TV had gone all biz all the time.

Then I read a review in the NYT this morning of a two-year-old syndicated reality show that stars–you guessed it–life coaches. My god, these people are popping up everywhere. It got me to thinking, we here at Fast Company get inundated with life coaches telling us their success stories all the time. But rarely do we hear from people who actually worked with a life coach. Are they really that great? Surely there must be some horror stories out there.

Email some to me.