Continuing to Mind the Gap

Yesterday, I wrote about the gap between vision and reality. In today’s edition of Deon Binneman’s email newsletter Repucomm (which is more up to date than his blog), he considers the role of such a gap in identifying vulnerabilities in your business.

A major activity of reputation management is surveillance of the internal and external environment. The chief reason reputation managers need to do it is to search for areas of vulnerabilities.

He suggests that people keep the following questions in mind:

  • What are the burning issues in your industry?
  • Which stakeholders are in a position to help or hurt the organization?
  • What opinions do these stakeholders -and the general public-hold toward the organisation?
  • Are attitudes generally favourable or unfavourable? What are their expectations of the organization? Do they feel the organizations measure up to these expectations?
  • If not, how strongly do they feel about the gap between expectations and performances?
  • What actions, if any, are they likely to take?
  • What is the media saying about your organization and industry, etc?

Sounds like basic competitive intelligence, but perhaps this is one of the best ways to monitor performance gaps in your work.