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Talk about a job title of the future today. Graphic Press, an LA-based printing company whose employee base is more than 70% of minority descent, recently created the position of Director of Diversity Business Development. As one of the top 500 Hispanic-owned businesses in the United States, Graphic turned to Jose Nido, a former exec at Walt Disney World Co. — and who was named professional of the year by a leading Hispanic business magazine.

Do you — or does your organization — consciously seek business partnerships with minority-owned businesses? Regardless, the bigger question might be even more interesting. How do you determine what kinds of companies and leaders you'll do business with? How do you pursue those targeted connections? Or do you just work with anyone who'll do business with you? How selective can you and your teammates afford to be when choosing clients, partners, and vendors? If you ever turn away business, why? What kinds of deals won't you pursue?