Work Space

Baby, once a free-agent clubhouse in Amsterdam seems to have since evolved into an international network of artists, galleries — and a magazine. During the boom, experiments in shared workspaces and free-agent offices were relatively widespread — at one time, Fluidminds even planned an international network of collaborative workspaces. And even today, shared workspaces such as 116 W. Houston St. and OfficeOps in New York City continue the new tradition of like-minded independent leaders connecting and collaborating.

So it was nice to see an announcement for the opening of the Gate 3 WorkClub. Launching in Emeryville, California, this fall, the WorkClub combines shared professional services with a learning community — which includes coaching, leadership development opportunities, and networking events. While individual efforts such as this should be lauded, I’m surprised no one has succeeded with a franchise-like model yet. As the economy becomes ever more global, it seems to make sense to leverage the benefits of a global network of forward-thinking professionals sharing services, developing ideas, and building better businesses.

Are there other examples of organizations like Gate 3? I’d sure like to learn about them.