Pull, Don’t Push

Stever Robbins contributes an interesting piece to HBS Working Knowledge today about what he terms pull leadership. In a self-proclaimed “manifesto,” Robins holds up what he sees as the qualities of successful leaders — leaders who pull people toward them rather than push people away:

  • Pull leaders don’t give orders; they create social systems that inspire people to join
  • Pull leaders take responsibility for the success of their organization and their people
  • Pull leaders work to become attractive to others
  • Pull leaders align and inspire with values
  • Pull leaders are stewards of their organizations and employees
  • Pull leaders architect their social and organizational space

While the piece is light on examples — some case studies would have been welcome — there’s a lot of good insight here. By creating a space in which people can work well, giving them the tools they need, and inspiring them to work alongside you, you can accomplish a lot.

Who do you consider a pull leader?