Take Your College to Work Day?

The New York Times reported today that many companies are beginning to offer college counseling to children of employees. That was sort of around when I was looking at schools – it was called nepotism and networking – see who your parents know and if they’re big enough donors, have them write you a recommendation. Sure, these companies are bringing in outside consultants to run the programs, but come on. This is happening at places like IBM, AIG, and Goldman Sachs – the execs there make enormous contributions to their alma maters on a regular basis.

Despite my concerns with its inevitable bias (will IBM college counselors recommend tech-based schools?), I do think the programs will have their merits. Working parents can’t always make it to college counseling appointments and now they get to be more involved in the college process with their children.

Work-life balance is always a big issue for anyone with children, and as kids get ready to move away from home, you’ll want to spend more and more time with them. Since work can’t be pushed aside just for life, we’ve come to the point where life has to squeeze itself into the work sphere.

What has your company done to ease school conflicts? When you have school events or meetings to go to, for college or parent conferences, how do you make time? Can you always make time?