RealNetworks Touts Cheaper Songs

Forty-nine cents a song! Check out RealNetworks’s Web site for its latest deal. The media firm has just started a marketing campaign, and it’s targeting archrival Apple Computer. RealNetworks even sports a Web site that touts “Freedom of Music Choice!”

In an interview with CNET, RealNetworks CEO Rob Glaser says, “We think we benefit significantly when there’s freedom of choiceYahoo doesn’t have a monopoly in portals, but they have a great business in that world. Amazon doesn’t have a monopoly on the place where you buy physical goods on the Internet, but they have a great business. So in our view you can have a very fine business in a rapidly changing marketplace even if you’re not a monopoly.”

RealNetworks has been really aggressive in its challenge of Apple’s dominance: first, it said it has written codes so that people can play songs bought at RealNetworks’ digital music store on Apple’s runaway success, iPod. Then, it slashed the price of songs it sells.

What do you think about RealNetworks’ strategy and what it means for the digital music market?FCS