Feline Groovy

It’s a cafe. For cats.

This week, the makers of Meow Mix will experiment with an eatery for our whiskered friends in New York. If this week goes well, the Meow Mix Cafe could pop up around the country.

It’s an interesting idea. Take a successful consumer goods product. Take people’s affection for pets. Combine them in a pop-up shop by way of restaurant. And, well, (meow) mix. The concept has its skeptics, and even I wonder: Might this not work better for dogs?

Update: Speaking of man’s best friend, the New York Post reports that the Tomy Maugeri Dog Salon not just offers door-to-door shuttle bus service; its proprietor also provides real-time streaming video of the doggy ‘do. Maugeri claims he’s the first groomer to offer a Webcam view of canine cuts, and his office comes complete with a sign that reads, “Smile — You’re on Doggy-Cam.” Bow, like wow.