New Brand: A Plane Or A Rocket?

AdAge contributor Al Ries writes that new brands should take off slowly like an airplane, instead of like a rocket ship. He says that it’s a myth that marketers should devote great resources to ensure a big-bang launch of new brands.

Ries says it took 34 years for the “low-carb” brand to be established and four years for Red Bull to break $10 million in annual sales and another five years to reach $100 million. Microsoft took 10 years to exceed $100 million in annual sales, and Wal-Mart, 14 years.

“The way to build a new brand is by creating a new category,” Ries says. “And creating a new category takes time. It even takes awhile for a new category to be recognized as a new category.”

A rule of thumb for dating, I heard, is that it takes an equal amount of time to forget somebody as how long you’ve been in love with him/her. It may not be untrue for brands: the longer they are being tested and polished, the longer they will last.FCS