Quick question: Plenty of people talk about customer evangelism from the standpoint of consumers raving about companies, brands and products, but why is it that we rarely hear about customer evangelism from the standpoint of companies raving about their customers?

It’s rare to hear about companies that really intimately understand their customers, get to know them personally, and let them and others know how much they’re appreciated through both words and actions. Sure you hear the maxim “Our customers are number one”, but in the case of the majority of companies we all know that really isn’t true. The shareholders are number one, the quarterly report is number one, the CEO and the board are number one … but not the customer.

How can we expect people to be evangelists for our products when we’re not evangelists for them?

(By the way, I’m Katherine, from Decent Marketing. It’s nice to meet you. Thanks to Fast Company for letting me hang out with you and all the other blogjammers.)