Brand New Brand You

I caught up with Tom Peters the other day here in Boston. As for re-imagining and re-inventing yourself, he and Madonna run a close race, and they may even be in a dead heat when it comes to staying cool, new, fresh and alive.

Check out his piece here in Fast Company from June 2004 — The Brand You Survival Kit and listen to Tom’s wise words:

When I wrote about this in Fast Company in the summer of 1997, it was cool. But now it’s necessary. Ain’t no choice, bro. Even if this idea scares you to death, ordinary has become a design for disaster. It’s not easy to embrace. If you grew up thinking that you were going to work for Citibank for 40 years, you’re simply not going to survive with the same set of attitudes that you’ve had in the past. If you’re going to reinvent yourself for this new reality–and I say “if,” but it’s really not an option–here’s how to develop the attitude that will let you reimagine yourself as the CEO of Me Inc. and save yourself before it’s too late.

Is the Brand Called You still relevant? Do you think Tom’s assessment of how it needs to be updated — and upgraded — is accurate?