Sleepless in Seattle and Everywhere Else

I read loads of articles about how little sleep American workers are getting. As a “free agent” you actually get to make up for lost sleep when no one’s watching, by following an aggressive plan of sleeping while others work. There are other downsides to this economic lifestyle — your cash flow is often perilous, your benefits non-existent or shaky, you can’t afford drycleaning, but at least you can stay up all night reading goofy stuff on the Web and then steal some ZZZZ’s the next day.

Chris Locke recently dubbed this new work status, “self-unemployed” and I think it’s catching on. I honestly don’t know how people with a regular commute in the morning and a 9-5 job manage to ever get enough sleep, or keep from getting into fist fights on a regular basis with their co-workers.

So let’s go online to find some rigorous and robust research on the topic — I’m up here later than usual anyway thanks to some garden-variety insomnia. Why not wander the Web?!

Here’s one by the yoga folks, Gaiam, they think some aromatherapy might do the trick. Hmmm, I think the only thing I could sniff tonight that would put me under sufficiently is ether.

And an allegedly UNBIASED report from the makers of Tylenol PM under the heading “Survey finds most Americans are not getting enough sleep” should prove informative. They hold caffeine culpable.

Well, enough of this, I’m getting bored and actually a little … sleepy. FCS