Additional Thoughts on Doing What You Love

Angie, you make a great point in your original entry. I think you’ll get a lot of responses. I agree wholeheartedly with your personal advice. One of my favorite books is Parker Palmer’s Let Your Life Speak. In it he says that vocation, at its deepest level, is something you cannot NOT do! I truly think that when people are happy with their work, the entire way they see their life changes!

I also think that many individuals simply whine when they aren’t happy instead of doing something about it.

My co-author Sharon Jordan-Evans also posted on this fact and I see she mentioned that we give advice based on the research in our book Love It, Dont Leave It: 26 Ways to Get What You Want at Work. Sharon (you didn’t mention this) is also a superb coach, especially to senior leaders who aren’t doing what they love.

Finally, a great idea is also being designed by my friend Sue Baechler who is brilliantly planning a Love It Club which would help employees everywhere and anywhere find more satisfaction in their work. Her wonderful Club isn’t quite out of the “garage” yet but it will be soon. Here’s a sneak peek – or pick up the phone and call her at (949) 470-9229. Tell her Bev sent you!