Or Is It — Love What You’re Doing?

Good morning, left-coast time. I’m Sharon Jordan-Evans. Thanks Heath and Fast Company for inviting me to be part of the first FC NOW blog jam. I had my own topic ready to go, then read Angie McKaig’s “On Doing What You Love” and couldn’t resist adding my two cents worth.

Corporate workers are stressed and stretched beyond belief. They’re demoralized after 4 years of “right-sizing” and doing the work of the three colleagues who were laid off. In fact, recent research shows that 8 out of 10 are ready to jump ship at the first glimmer of economic recovery and increased job options.

One of those new possibilities is to start your own business — “If I could just run my own yogurt stand, all would be well.”

Not necessarily!

Starting your own business is tough. You need to have 2 years worth of financing in the bank, a willingness to market yourself and at least a tolerance for accounting spreadsheets. And it helps to know a lot about yogurt.

Don’t jump too quickly. You can probably find more of what you want, right where you are. My partner in crime, Beverly Kaye, and I take a firm stand on this issue. Too many exhausted, demoralized people leave their organizations too soon, without first trying to identify what is wrong, what’s missing and what are some potential fixes.

The grass ain’t always greener (sometimes it’s Astroturf). Can you love the job you’re with — just a little bit more?SJE