PowerPoint of Fact III

FC Now reader Cliff Atkinson emailed earlier today about a Financial Times article about the ouster of Rentokil Initial’s newly installed CEO — in part because of “death by PowerPoint.” Atkinson respondes by offering some presentation lessons highlighted by the occasion in his blog Beyond Bullets.

  • When you address the issues of constraints, a clear problem statement, and focus, you can become clearer, more concise and confident.
  • The most valuable advice you can get is from your audience. Measure the results of your PowerPoint and apply a range of techniques to find the best fit for you and your results.
  • The feelings people have about your PowerPoint are the same feelings people have about you. If your audience feels bored, they’ll think you are boring, and if they feel confused, they’ll think you are confused. Likewise, if they’re engaged, they’ll think you’re engaging, and if they’re clear, they’ll think you’re clear.