In the Bag

It seems simple and mundane, but I’m always fascinated by the things business people carry. What’s in the briefcases. What they take home in their tote. What rests in their laptop bag when they travel. The most recent fascination catalyst? Ross’ recap of what’s in his bag in the blog Strategize.

Quickly rifling through my Fast Company shoulderbag, this is what I’m carrying lately:

  • newspaper and magazine articles I ripped out to give to colleagues and mail to friends
  • James Traub’s The Devil’s Playground, a cultural history of Times Square, which is just down the way from our office
  • The anthology WithoutCovers://literary_magazines@the_digital_edge, a collective look at how little magazines are moving online
  • bills to mail
  • two Streetwise maps of Manhattan
  • the current issue of the Economist
  • the Slingshot 2004 organizer (my planner)
  • a Moleskine notebook
  • a Sidekick Hiptop
  • my cell phone
  • a Garmin Geko GPS device
  • Altoids
  • my iPod

While Ross’ is more geared to traveling, mine is clearly a daily commuters’ bag: readings for the train, ways to capture ideas while in transit, and lightweight communication tools.

What’s in your carry-on or take-along?