What You Crave II

Michael does well to mention the new movie Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. Not only is it an East Coast fave, it’s big in the Midwest, as well — I fondly remember White Castle meals while visiting family in northwest Indiana. (We’d make bridges and arches out of the little boxes.)

He also touches on the company’s latching on to the craze, lending support to the project. After requesting some subtle changes, the company let the filmmakers do their thing, and some recent commentary from the Castle’s director of marketing indicates that the company knows exactly what it’s doing.

As for the other… things that take place, well, they’re not White Castle values — but from our point of view, we saw it as authentic with the lengths our customers will go to get our burgers.

Companies have a wide range of customers and clients. Not all may accurately represent what you as a leader think is the ideal. But to fully embrace customers’ enthusiasm and passion — and allow them to channel that enthusiasm and passion with your help — is wise indeed. This movie could very well introduce White Castle to a whole new generation, bridging fast-food nostalgia and pop culture. Seems better than sending a cease-and-desist order to the designer of a font set.