Helping Hands

Sometimes a technology project isn’t emergency enough to call on the Geek Squad. And sometimes it’s not big or long-term enough to warrant hiring a full-time staffer. Where else can you turn?

Motivated by his own need for occasional technical assistance, JJ DiGeronimo created TechStudents an online matching service for businesses needing part-time technology help and students and contractors looking for small projects.

In the past, I contacted local colleges and vocational schools searching for technology students to help with desktop upgrades and websites but quickly realized that career service centers were not helpful. In fact, most career centers are tasked with placing students in internships (usually 2 or so months), co-ops, or fulltime positions rather than the part-time work I had in mind. I even tried contacting IT professors to connect me with talented students with no success. I did not have resources to support a student for 2+ months but I had enough to employ students for a few hours a week to work on IT related projects.

Might be a useful tool!