Investing in the Support Economy

John Maloney recently announced the organization of a new group called Support Economy Ventures that aims to bring together a community of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, “deep support professionals,” and other business leaders working to develop the next chapter in capitalism.

Based on the work of James Maxmin and Shoshana Zuboff, a Fast Company contributor who also hosts a small discussion group here, the group is holding a number of investment seminars in New York and San Francisco.

The principles espoused by the group are worth considering:

  • All value resides in individuals.
  • Distributed value necessitates distributed structures among all aspects of the enterprise.
  • Relationship economics is the framework for wealth creation.
  • Markets are self-authoring.
  • Deep support is the new meta-product.
  • Federated support networks are the new competitors.
  • All commercial practices are aligned with the individual.
  • Infrastructure convergence redefines costs and frees resources.
  • Federations are infinitely configurable.
  • New valuation methods reflect the primacy of the individual.
  • New consumption means new employment.