BlogOn Boot Camp Highlights

This afternoon’s Boot Camp at BlogOn 2004 is a basic introduction to the business of blogging, largely from a technical perspective. With sessions on why people blog, the tools you can use, RSS feeds, and other aspects, the Boot Camp also sports a class blog that participants have been contributing to.

Of today’s presenters, Halley Suitt, who produces the blog Halley’s Comment, was perhaps the most interesting. “Any time you have a way of having a strong, interesting voice talking about your product, go with it,” she says. “The intimacy of this medium is remarkable.”

She also commented on the value of using blogs as a prototyping tool: “You can throw ideas up there.”

Similar to Robert Scoble’s corporate blogging guidelines, Suitt offered the following “rules”:

  • Blog often. “It’s like a bakery. I want fresh rolls. Overload me.”
  • Write with a strong voice. “Call me crazy, but I like to read funny stuff.”
  • Keep it short. (‘Nuff said.)
  • Do different things. “Write op-ed and word of mouth. Be an editor. Be original. Be daring.”

I also learned about an interesting new tool to track references to various topics and themes in various blogs and online news services. “PubSub finds new content as it appears on the internet. Then we deliver that content to anyone who’s expressed an interest in it.” I’ve only set up two subscriptions, but it seems like getting Technorati and Blogdex citations in an RSS feed.