Code of Conduct – In Action

I share a similar concern about a code of conduct potentially being reduced to only those items mentioned in the WSJ article (lying, cheating and stealing). My inital thought was there has to be more than these three.

So I started to think about my own firm and the strict rules we have for how we conduct business. As the leader of an independent research firm on stocks and corporate performance, we have three rules regarding the data we publish: 1) Accuracy, 2) Accuracy and 3) Accuracy. No room exists for any other type of publication.

Anyone violating these rules would be either faking (lying) or manipulating (cheating) the data to their own advantage. Or they could alter or erase pieces of the data (stealing).

Could it be that there are only 3 primary issues cover all that is necesseary for a code of conduct: lying, cheating or stealing?