Motivation, Persuasion & Winning

Yes, Peter, I also believe that a leader has the power to motivate others through his or her actions.

Interesting choice of words on a leaders ability to “control people and lead them to the target he puts for himself first which later results on the company he is leading.”

Since completing the 2+ year research study with close to 1,700 Executives for my book, The 5 Paths to Persuasion, I’ve received several questions about how to make sure a leader’s vision is one that will work. Is there a specific decision style that tends to make better decisions than others?

The answer surprises most people. No decision style has a lock on winning. Controllers like Jacque Nasser and Martha Stewart typically get more media attention when they fail, but just about as many Charismatics fail in their visions. Just look at Gerald Levin trying to do the AOL-Time Warner merger which was a clear failure. Most are more sympathetic to the Gerald Levin’s because often Charismatics are simply more likable than Controllers.