Paperless Anniversary

FC Now, Fast Company‘s team blog, launched Aug. 5, 2003. The project was one of the first magazine-supported blogs, and what might very well be the first business magazine blog. It’s been a wonderful year, and I and the other contributors look forward to continuing the conversation.

To help celebrate the one-year anniversary of FC Now, we’d like to invite FC Now readers to join our regular contributors as guest hosts. Aug. 5-6 — in just about a month — we will open FC Now up to contributions by active readers of the blog, other business leaders, and some of our previous guest hosts.

If you’re interested in joining FC Now as a guest host for this special two-day anniversary event, email me to volunteer. Unfortunately, not every volunteer will be selected, but we will pick participants based on their active reading of FC Now, knowledge of Fast Company‘s ideas and ideals, quality of comments in FC Now, external blog activity, and other aspects. And we will try to involve as many people as possible.

Help the Fast Company team celebrate the one-year anniversary of FC Now. Traditionally, the first anniversary is the paper anniversary. This year, we go paperless.