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Office workers are known to reach Seinfeldian levels of possessiveness when it comes to supplies; A nice pair of scissors, a new roll of tape, and, yes, the infamous red stapler are just a few examples. And who's surprised? When your authority is limited to a 5'x5' cubicle and your five bosses micro-manage you into submission, every last No. 2 pencil becomes an asset in your miniature empire.

No doubt it's this same frenzied obsessiveness that inspired the Lockcup, the latest addition to the office supply arsenal. Yes, that's right, a coffee cup protected from rogue users by its very own lock and key. Something tells me that while Office Space's Swingline-coveting Milton Waddams wouldn't be a Lockup customer, Seinfeld's George Costanza might... Somebody please tell me this was designed more for humor than actual application!