Outsourcing: What’s Next? II

There has been some interesting discussion on my previous blog entry about outsourcing to India. FC Now reader “M” comments:

what are we gonna outsource next? the president..well that might not be such a bad idea. no offense, but the kind folks over there in india (or wherever) do not know what is important to me as a frequent flyer or a visa cardholder. so my next step is to find some company, ANY COMPANY that has a staff that recognizes my needs and i am willing to pay a little more for that (and clear English)

Meanwhile, the Atlanta Journal Constitution ran an editorial cartoon (registration required) by Mike Luckovich that shows a White House official announcing, “For a defense of administration policy that outsourcing U.S. jobs is good, we go to Bangalore, India.” Beside the official is an Indian guy with a nametag that reads, “White House Spokesman, Ravi Singh Jai.”

Sarcasm is one thing; facing reality is another. As Anthony Bradley says in the Star-Telegram:

Hysteria about sending American jobs overseas ignores a crucial fact: People are always developing innovative ways to do things faster, better and cheaper.

Human creativity is a double-edged sword, bringing productivity improvements and, very often, widespread job loss. The good news is that the net result is not fewer jobs but more jobs — and more productive ones.

Outsourcing outmoded jobs opens the door for Americans to land better jobs and improve their family’s well-being.

That’s a major reason why the United States remains the land of opportunity and a beacon to the rest of the world.

The initial debate about offshoring seems to have calmed somewhat. What do you think about offshoring at this point?