Behind Every Good Business Man…

Earlier this year, Fast Company explored the state of women at work. A recent New York Times article — and a growing literary genre — takes a look at the flip side of the “Where Are the Women?” equation. If more women aren’t working at high levels, what does that mean for the men in their lives?

They are late-boomer and post-boomer men who grew up in a climate of assumed equality and, for the most part, came of age fully expecting to take part in equal-partnership marriages.

Many at the younger end, according to a Families and Work Institute study conducted in the late 1990’s, never intended, or desired, to play a typical provider role in their families. Many, like their wives, thought that our brave new world of no-gender-roles marriage would bring them a new level of personal fulfillment, emotional expression and freedom.

“Why should Daddy always be the one to miss out on those precious Kodak moments – the school plays and soccer games and parent-teacher conferences?”

Are we right back where we started?