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Several years ago, Fast Company contributor Ron Lieber considered the fate of the suburb. Yesterday's New York Times does the same from a slightly different angle.

Drawing on Dolores Hayden and Jim Wark's book A Field Guide to Sprawl, the piece includes an awesome array of sniglet-like terms to apply to suburban features. Here are some highlights:

  • Zoomburg: A sprawling, relentlessly subdividing city-in-a-suburb; not to be confused with a boomburg
  • Privatopia: Where residents accept restrictions, as in gated communities
  • Toad: Temporary, obsolete, abandones, or derelict site
  • Snout House: Houses with protruding garages
  • Alligator: A real estate venture that subdivides lots faster than they can be developed
  • Litter on a Stick: Billboards
  • Lulu: A localyy unwanted land use like a prison or parking lot